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Play online card game Solitaire - Klondike solitaire and win a Jack Pot.

Join and win money in solitaire games. The Big Growing JackPot in Solitaire Tournament! Other solitaire name - Klondike Solitaire. The current JackPot is $300 and grows! Last weeks to join this Solitaire tournament and win the JackPot
This a card Solitaire game - a famous Klondike Solitaire. The object of the game is to use all cards to build up the 4 suit stacks in ascending order starting with the aces. Rules of Klondike solitaire published on the game rules page
Play Solitaire Jackpot Online Tournament and win Cash Prize. Join and win real money - 1 $Ticket equals to $1.
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Current Prize Pot: 300 $Tickets.
Entry Fee: 1,25 $Tickets
Finish Time: Feb 25, 2011

Go to Solitaire Page select "Play Solitaire online" enter your name and password and then press "play now" button from Solitaire room page - against this super-jackpot tournament description.

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